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Professional Eyelash Extensions




Lash Haven are the experts when it comes to professional eyelash extensions in Sydney are located on Sydney's beautiful North Shore, clients come from all over Sydney and beyond to have their lashes done by Karen.

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Your choice of over 100 different types of lashes mink, silk, synthetic, Y lash, crystal lashes, coloured lashes, glitter lashes.

Your choice from 5 different tyoes of glue from fume free and odourless for the sensitive and claustrophobics to a strong hold glue lasting the whole of your holiday.



$60: Doe Eyed Extensions (1/2 set)
$75: Demi Extensions (3/4 set)
$100: Full set extensions        
$150: Glamour Set Extensions
$100: Volume Full Set Extensions
$100: 2-6 HD Volume Extension Set
$75: Bridal trial
$100: Natural
$150: Glamour
$150 - $200: Volume Bridal Set Extension






Bridal lashes volume




From the moment you walk in the door you can relax in the beautiful clinic and gardens at Lash haven. 

Your therapist will tailor make a set of lashes to suit your life style and personality, (not a one size fits all approach), from a natural to an extenuated glamorous look.

Choosing a therapist is of the utmost importance to ensure your experience with eyelash extensions is a successful one.

Lash Haven is committed to customer satisfaction and continually aims for the most refined application technique in the industry.

As a customer of a Lash Haven Therapist you can expect

- Custom designed set of eyelash extensions made to your requirement
- Professional service and application of your Lashes by a Lash Haven Therapist trained in the art of eyelash extension application with over 20 years applicationg experience 
- Follow up advice on how to care for your eye lash extensions
- Support products available for purchase to help you care for your lashes ensuring your eyelash extension longevity


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Choose from over 100 different lash types and 5 different types of glue.

We not only provide a lash menu but one of the few salons that also provides a glue menu for the hypo allergnic or sensitive clients we have the most hypo allergenic glue on the market. Completely fume free and odourless this medical grade glue can also be used for claustrophobics as the client can open her eyes with no fume and odour whatso ever reducing anxiety and fear around having such a popular treatment. 
If you are not sure what type of eyelashes are best suited to you we offer a FREE consultation with no obligation so you can choose the right option. 


Eyelash Services
At Lash Haven we specialise in dressing your eyes with the best quality products on the market. Your eyelash extension will be custom designed to suit your personality and lifestyle and accentuate your own lashes with a natural, glamorous or long and dramatic look.

Lash Haven Extension specialists are certified and trained in all aspects of eyelash extension application and eyelash extension removal.


Prior to your Appointment
-Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes preferably with an oil free make up remover

- No tea, coffee or caffienated drinks (causing the eyes to move involuntarily)
- Do not use moisturiser or petroleum based products before application of eyelash extension
- Do not wear mascara, you will want your therapist spending the time applying lashes not removing mascara
-Do not curl the lashes as this may hinder the eyelash extension application process
- Remove contact lenses. If you are wearing your contacts to the appointment bring you contact case to store them in during the procedure
- Bring you own favorite music, we will play it for you or bring it on IPOD
- Set aside ample time for your appointment at Lash Haven so you don’t feel rushed, many clients fall asleep as it is so relaxing, you may be pleasantly surprised



Lash removal cost from $15 

Eyelash Extension Removal or Eyelash Extension Repair

This is not written to make you choose a therapist out of fear but to give you a healthy understanding of the problems associated with poorly applied eyelash extensions.

At Lash Haven we specialise in repairing poorly applied lashes.

Do your research and choose a therapist with professional training and experience.

Your therapist should be trained in all aspects of safety and correct application

Some places are cheaper but their technicians have had very little training or no training at all.

Regardless of the cost and the time spent having them applied you don’t want to walk out with a problem rather than feeling beatiful and looking amazing.

I have seen and repaired all of these and more. 

We fix poorly applied lashes regularly so don’t let this happen to you


Beware of untrained lash artists

Bad lash applications can ultimately be a nightmere for the wearer and the poor therapist that undertakes the removal process for you.

Ensure your therapist has had proper training with years of in house experience to avoid the following issues:

1) Lashes are criss crossing in different directions,  poor lash application

2) Big clumps of glue look like thick mascara

3) Lashes are not individually applied

4) Lashes stack on top of each other

5) Sparse and unevenly applied lashes with no incrementation 

6) Lashes applied to closely to the eye lid making it uncomfortable causing an auto immune response

7) Allergic reaction to the glue 

8)  Infection from cross contamination


At Lash Haven we pride ourselves on hygiene and antimicrobial procedures.

lash clinic





Q. What are eyelash extensions?

A. A synthetic/false lash attached to a natural lash using a specifically manufactured glue by a fully trained Lash Haven therapist 

 Q. What are the individual lashes made of?

A. Individual eyelash extensions can be synthetic or silk

 Q. How long do eyelash extensions last?

A. Eyelash extensions last for up to 2 months and infill’s will be required between 2 to 4 weeks.

 Q. Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lash?

A. Not if the lash is applied an individual lash on an individual lash, the chance of damage increases if the lash is poorly attached to more than one lash as the natural lashes are moved from side to side?

 Q. How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

A. To increase the life of your eyelash extensions use a protective coating sold by your Lash Haven Eyelash Extension Therapist. Avoid contact with oil and moisturisers. Do not let the pressure of water in the shower run over your lashes, tilt your head back or wear goggles.

 Q. Can I use mascara on my eyelash extensions?

A. You can use a mascara manufactured specifically for the use over eyelash extensions, this is sold by your eyelash extension therapist. Do not use a waterproof mascara as it will deteriorate the glue and your lashes will fall off quicker. The other problem is the amount of rubbing required to take the mascara off.

 Q. What types of eyelash extensions can I have applied?

A. You can have individual lashes; V, Y or W lashes (2-3 fake lashes on one natural lash), flares (multiple lashes attached to a few natural lashes), Coloured lashes in every colour of the rainbow, strip lashes

 Q. What is the cost of eyelash extensions?

A. Eyelash extensions are becoming more affordable as the industry grows rapidly and is becoming main stream and a regular feature on the beauty therapy menu. Usual cost ranges from $90 - $150 depending on the salon of choice.

 Q. Who can apply my eyelash extensions?

A. An eyelash extension therapist professionally trained in the art of eyelash extension application and to ensure a beautiful full set the therapist would ideally have been applying them for a minimum 3-4 months  



 Q. How can I learn to apply Lash Haven Eyelash Extensions?

A. Eyelash extension classes are regularly conducted in most capital cities throughout Australia; please enquire about the Certificated class timetable to find a date and venue that suits you.

 Q. What is the cost of applying eyelash extensions?

A. The cost is minimal once you have purchased your eyelash extension kit, the client is paying you mainly for your time and skill in application

 Q. What are the benefits of adding Lash Haven Eyelash Extensions to your service menu?

A. Repeat clientele for Infill’s, ability to up sell other services, high profit margins, listing on the Lash Haven Therapist Directory, follow up perfecting training to improve your skills, sale of supporting products to help improve the longevity of the extension, marketing and literature, training in business and customer skills.

 Q. How does my client benefit from wearing Lash Haven eyelash extensions

A. Professionally applied eyelashes applied by a trained therapist, follow up advice and supporting products to help care for the newly applied eyelash extensions, achieve the natural glamorous look they desire, less make up required over all, no mascara needed, can still go swimming

 Q. What are the topics covered in the Lash Haven Eyelash Extension Training?

A. How to set up a successful eyelash extension business, customer relations, hygiene, safety, eyelash extension glue and your safety, eyelash extension application procedure, eyelash extension removal procedure, eyelash extension products/ tools of the trade, after care instructions, client questionnaire, eyelash extension perfecting training.

 Q. Where is training held in Australia?

A. In all capital cities throughout, please call to find out locations and dates closest to you.


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