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Lash Haven has been operating over 20 years providing beautiful lashes for beautiful women and has pioneered eyelash extensions in Sydney and in all states around Australia.

When I started the Lash Haven brand training, selling products around Australia and providing high qulity lash applications. Lash Haven was set to become one of the most well known and respected brands in the eyelash extensions and beauty therapist industry.

Lash Haven guarentee all students can return to training as many times as they want at no extra cost. We are proud of our sucess rate having trained the original owners (and staff) of the biggest lash salons in Sydney including Lady Lash, Lash Lounge, Lash Clinic, Bondi Lashes, Elegant Lashes, Madam Lash, Sydney Eyelash Extensions, Seka's Beauty Case. The list is endless with the owner Karen having trained over 5000 girls herself personally.

For over 20 years Lash Haven has lead the way in the eyelash extension industry by providing professional lash extension applications of the highest standard to clients all over Sydney. It is amazing how far my clients are prepared to travel to ensure they get the best set of eyelashes possible.              

If you want beautiful every day eyelashes, a set of glamour lashes for a special event or wedding coming up soon and want your lashes to look perfect on your big day, then Lash Haven can help you.

The Lash Haven studio is conveniently located just off the Pacific Highway in the beautiful suburb of Lindfield (close to Chatswood shopping centre) in the heart of Sydney's North Shore.

We often see clients who have had lashes applied by an inexperienced or poorly trainer lash technician, we remove poorly applied lashes. Don't be caught up by fancy marketing and websites, make sure you do your research first.

Karen has personally trained over 5000 lash technicians, lash salons,  beauty salons, medi spas and beauty therapists in the art of lash application and removal. Lash Haven is the most recognised name in the industry in Sydney and nation wide with Lash Haven trainers around Australia.

Lash Haven provides:

  1. Eyelash Extensions Applications and removal (Sydney Only)
  2. Eyelash Extension Therapist Training (Australia Wide)
  3. Eyelash Extension Products (Delivery to Australia and O/S)

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Eyelash Extension Applications

Step into the world of glamour with permanent extensions for every day wear or special occasions. With over 100 different types of lashes and 5 different types of glues, we have an application that will suit your individual needs.

Eyelash Extension Permanent Eyelash Extension Sets

2m – 6 HD VolumeEyelash Extensions Set

This set is perfect for special events, A- listers and performers. This is great for the bride who wants a natural but volumising look or for the performer that needs to be seen from afar.

Glamour Eyelash Extensions Set

Perfect for special occasions This set is one of our most popular sets and will give you full and has volumising affect giving any set you choose a real wow factor.

Bridal Eyelash Extensions Trial

This includes application and consultation on the length, thickness, curl and type of material of lash you would like applied for that special day. Take your time to decide without feeling rushed. We guarantee to make you look beautiful.

Full Eyelash Extensions Set

Great for everyday wear A full set of lash of your choice with a lash place on every second lash.

Demi Eyelash Extensions Set

Great as an introductory set. Lash application is light and natural all the way across the eye having a spaced and incremented look.

Doe EyedEyelash ExtensionsSet

Lash types included in the price: Synthetic, silk, mink Perfect for an ultra-natural look Lashes application is focused on the outer edge and naturally incremented to the inside eye.





Eyelash Extension Training

The Lash Haven eyelash extension training acedemy has trained over 5000 lash technicians over the past 15 years which is why we have become Australia's leader in professional eyelash extension training. We offer specialises group training in most capital cities and regional towns. Our head office and main eyelash extensions training studio is located in Lindfield in Sydney, on the  North Shore not far from Chatswood shopping centre.

If you want to become a professional lash technician or a beauty or hairdressing salon and want to learn how to perform professional lash extensions then Lash Haven offers the best and most comprehensive training.

Every student receives a professional eyelash extension kit as part of their fee.You will become a certified Lash Haven eyelash extension therapist / technician in after completing our one day PRO Eyelash Extension Training Course with a Lash Haven trainer.

Please contact us for details about our next eyelash extension traning dates.


Eyelash Extension Products

Lash Haven is also the largest supplier of professional eyelash extension products to the beauty and eyelash extension industry. We have carefully selected only the best products to import and manufacture so that a safe and superior eyelash extension can be achieved.

We sell eyelash extension kits, glues, false lashes and glue removers from our secure online shopping cart and we deliver to all locations within Australia.

For bulk orders or salon trade orders please call us direct.

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About Beauty In Health

Karen Hayes
Karen, has been working in the natural Health and beauty industry over 20 years with a Diploma
in Commercial Cookery, Kinesiology, Beauty Therapy Feather Stroke Tattoo and Remedial Massage. She has 3 years of nutrition studies as well as homeopathy and Colon hydrotherapy with senior therapist and president of the Colonic Hydrotherapy Association, Anna Paredes of the Colon Care Centre. Karen naturally strives for excellence in all her endeavours, with a well-rounded education and years of experience coupled with an intuitive and intelligent mind, Karen surpasses all expectation in delivering the best possible beauty and health therapies and training for her clients. The ambient and relaxed setting of the beautifully kept treatment centre in the Upper North Shore's Lindfield invites clients and students to feel settled and at home.

The Eyelash Extension Queen

Karen Hayes is thefounder ofLashHaven. Some people refer to Karen as the "eyelash extensions queen", being one of the very early pioneers of eyelash extensions in Sydney and Australia Karen has personally trained well over 2000 students. When Karen started the Lash Haven brand she never could have dreamed that it would become one of the most well-known and respected brands in the eyelash extensions and beauty therapist industry. The Lash Haven eyelash extension training academy has trained up to 5000 lash technicians over the past 20 years which is why we have become Australia's leader in professional eyelash extension training. Lash Haven offer specialist group training. The training studio is located in Lindfield in Sydney, on the North Shore not far from Chatswood shopping centre. 

Owner of one of Australia's largest Australian owned and run Eyelash Extension Products and Supplies Online Shop 

And is the owner of one of Australia's largest Australian owned and run EyelashExtensioProductsandSuppliesOnlineShop. Providing Eyelash Extension practitioner's Australia wide with all eyelash extension products and supplies.

 Owner of Northshore Colonic Clinic

The NorthShoreColonicClinic provides a private and caring service in a hygienic environment that is unsurpassed. Coupled with expert training in Colon hydrotherapy with senior therapist and president of the Colonic Hydrotherapy Association, Anna Paredes of the Colon Care Centre, the North Shore Colonic Clinic provides client's with colon care that easily meets all standards of excellence. 

Qualified Kinesiologist

 Karen is a qualified Kinesiologist and has been practicing kinesiology for over 20 years. Having used the modality to heal many people with varying ailments. Helping people remains the constant passion. 

Nutritional Studies and Homeopathy

 Karen's background in commercial cookery, combined with 3 years of nutrition studies as well as homeopathy. Karen has also worked extensively in the health industry and ran ‘Program For Life’, a health and wellness seminar for women. This program was aimed at teaching women about healthy eating and supplementation and has many before and after stories of success. This completes her well rounded expertise as a wholistic therapist, grounded with education, experience and a natural intuition. This makes all her beauty and health treatments not only effective, but consistently high standard of excellence



    All of our Institute facial treatments involve:

    Skn Analysis

    Deep cleansing to emulsify impurities

    Luxurious massage of the face and decolletage

    Tailored treatment mask to suit your individual skin

    Complimentary kinesiology assessment

    Eye and forehead vibrational relaxer or muscle toner

    Express Facial - 30 mins $45

    Great for a quick pick me up

    Eye Treatment - 30 mins $15 - $30

    Designed specifically to combat the ageing of the eye contour, smooths fine lines and re-hydrates the delicate eye contour tissues

    Rejuvenating Spa Facial - 50 mins $70

    Deep cleansing, detoxifying and nourishing

    Ampoule Therapy Facial - 60 mins $80

    Treatment designed specifically for your skins individual needs with the use of intensive ampoules that will bring instant life and hydration. Collagen & elastin, fragile capillary, re-firming, dry, oily, sensitive, rehydrating, normal, combination

    Flash Beaute - 60 mins $90

    Anti-oxidant facial boosting the skins collagen with vitamin C, leaving your skin looking radiant, smoother and 


    Oxygenation - 60 mins $80

    Pure oxygen sprayed directly onto the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Breathes life into sluggish, stressed, 

    smokers impure skin.

    Sebum Regulation - 60 mins $80

    This treatment is powerful clarifying treatment to cleanse a broad range of congested skin

    Ultimate Hydration - 90 mins $110

    This ultra hydrating, luxurious and relaxing salon 

    treatment incorporates oriental, acupressure and classical facial massage techniques and includes oxygen

    Ultimate Refirming - 90 mins $110

    Lift defence offers a double action age defying treatment to promote skins regeneration and strengthening of the skins tissues

    Pure Collagen Sheet with Oxygen 60mins $95

    This facial helps to strengthen repair, firm and tone the skin

    Non surgical face lift 60 mins $80

    This facial leaves the skin feeling toned, rejuvenated and youthful using a unique micro current application

    Alphahydroxy Acid AHA Peel and Treatment 

    30 mins $45

    This treatment encourages cellular renewal and 

    clarifies the skin.



    Colonic Irrigation 60mins $100

    Initial Consult $75

    For the ultimate hydration and detoxification

    Spray Tanning

    Get a professional even Black Magic spray tan for a golden brown summer glow

    After care products available for sale

    2 Hour rapid Tan 20mins $35

    Premium 8 hour tan $30



    Massage 1 Hour $80

    Remedial massage - Deep tissue

    Swedish massage - Pure relaxation

    Chinese massage – Balances blacked and over energy

    Aromatherapy massage - Pure indulgence of the senses

    Kinesiology massage - Specific to your healing needs

    Vibration Therapy massage - Releases and resets

    Hot volcanic rock massage - Tight tense muscles

    Body firming massage - Tightening and toning

    Lymphatic drainage - Detoxification

    Combination massage - Combination of above


    Full body exfoliation and fake tan $85 legs $45

    Full body exfoliation with detoxifying seaweed and clay masque $90


    Lighten dark unwanted hair on arms, legs, stomach or facial hair quickly and effectively POA


    Fulll leg $30

    1/2 Leg $20

    Full Leg and bikini $45

    Bikini Line $15

    Under Arm $10

    Full Arm $25

    1/2 Arm $15

    Lip $10

    Chin $10

    Eyebrow $10

    Back/chest from $30


    Natural Fake Lashes from $18

    Eyelash enhancement for a full and volumising affect, can be applied using a permanent or semi- permanent glue for a one day event

    Individual Eyelash Extensions from $60

    Step into the world of glamour with permanent extensions for every day wear or special occasions

    Lash types included in the price: Synthetic, silk, mink, glitter, crystals,

     coloured – red, blue, green, orange, port wine, pink, brown, yellow.

    Doe Eyed set 30 mins $60

    ¾ Set 45 mins $75

    Full Set 60 Mins $100

    Glamour Set 90 Mins $150

    Bridal/ Star set 2 Hours $200


    Eyelash Enhancements

    Eyelash tint $15

    Eye brow styling $15

    Eye brow tint $10



    Manicure $35

    Deluxe Spa Manicure $45

    Paraffin Masque $15

    Buff Shape and Polish $25

    French Polish $5


    Pedicure $45

    Deluxe spa pedicure $60

    Paraffin masque $15

    Buff, shape and polish $35

    Reflexology 1/2 hour $40





    REUSEABLE CANULA PURCHASE $4                                                                   


    Oxygen is an element, a gas, and a drug that can help people who have certain lung diseases.  The cells in the body get their energy from the interaction of oxygen with food.  The energy produced is used to do everything from breathing, to carrying out bodily functions and day to day activities.  

    For people who do not get enough oxygen naturally, supplements of oxygen can have several benefits. Oxygen therapy can improve their sleep and mood, increase their mental alertness and stamina, and allow their bodies to carry out normal functions.  



    Enhances wound healing
    Increases oxygen to the brain and vital organs and sight
    Enhances white blood cell action, aids in the treatment of infection
    Stimulates growth of new blood vessels
    Allows you to do more
    Assist with growth and development
    Help chronic lung conditions
    Heightened concentration, alertness and memory
    Calms and stabilises your nervous system
    Speeds up the body’s recovery after physical exertion
    Helps remove lactic acid build up in muscles
    Natural remedy for migraines, hangovers, fatigue and stress
    Lessens chronic fatigue symptoms and improves sleep patterns
    Promotes healing and counters aging
    Strengthens the heart


    Karen Hayes – Dip Applied Kinesiology, nutrition, beauty therapy, colon hydrotherapy, remedial massage, commercial cookery, hotel management, semester 1 homeopathy, Lash Haven trainer.


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